Refund Policy

DailySoft understands your needs and try hard to provide you enjoyable experience using our products. Customer satisfaction is on top for us. To accomplish this, we provide you with easy refunds

Our products come with a free trial version that helps you to test them before you purchase. Use of this free version is highly recommended. You are also advised to read the ‘system requirements’ for our products before purchase.

You have 30 days from the purchase date to claim for refund. Post this period, the amount becomes non-refundable. To do a refund request, you need to contact our support staff via email.

Conditions where refund can’t be claimed

  • Purchased the product without using the free demo version. Thus, we highly recommend to check the functionality of the product before its purchase
  • Asking for the refund in case of ‘special offer
  • Refund request on renewals of subscription
  • Product is not purchased directly from DailySoft.
  • The difference in price due to different regions.
  • Unauthorized payment made to purchase the product or fraud of credit card. In this case, contact your bank for such unauthorized payment.
  • Sudden purchase and now you don’t need the software
  • The purchased software does not work on your platform
  • After purchase, you face trouble to use the product on your platform.
  • Weekend delay in processing the license.

Conditions in which you can claim for the refund:

  1. If our support team failed to resolve your issue.
  2. If you can perform the stated with the free trial but the function is not available in full version.

Refund is not valid in these cases:

  • If the product is purchased without examination using the demo version, then refund can’t be claimed.
  • When the user is not willing to upload files on our FTP in case of failure of software.
  • If 40% process of conversion, migration, or stated operation is completed by our product, you can’t claim for a refund.
  • In case our product failed to perform the promised task and any other software available in the market can’t perform the same process, then refund can’t be claimed.

Processing Refund

We will process the refund request within 2 business days. We will refund the money to the same account from which you purchased the product. It may take up to 10 business days to get money in your account.

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