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DailySoft Zoho Backup Software

Create the backup of the Zoho email file to multiple file formats and save it on your local device or hard disk. The key features of the Zoho Backup tool:

  • One of the most secured and efficient ways of archiving Zoho mail data.
  • Backup mail file on local device as well as external devices.
  • Allow single and multiple mail file backup seamlessly.
  • Provide an option for selective and complete data backup.
  • Ensures error-free download and backup of data.
  • The stop and resume button make the backup process controllable.
  • No loss of data or alteration takes place during the download process.
  • It is an independent application. Does not require supporting application to work.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS.
  • The demo version is there to check software features and functionality.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the Zoho files without any cost.

If you have an Zoho file and want to access its content on various platforms, take the help of Zoho Backup, developed for professional use.

Features and Benefits Of Zoho Backup

Key Features of the Conversion Utility that Stand Out.


Complete Backup With Embedded Items:

Zoho backup is a wizard developed for professional use though it can be used for personal use as well. The software comprises a high-end algorithm that helps in the complete backup of Zoho file data along with attachments and embedded items. It exports every piece of information present in the mail file to the local device.


Allow Selective Data Export:

An email file comprises many items like folders, inbox, contact, calendar, task, events, etc. Some of the folders like spam, draft, sent items are mostly useless. Many users do not want to backup these folders. The Zoho backup software comes with various filter options to export only needed data. Users can select folders that are important to them and export data to the local device without any hiccups. For complete export of mail file, users have the option to select all folders.


Efficiently Works on Large Size Files:

The software has the potential to work on large size files with ease. Users can upload any size of Zoho mail file in software to backup data. It does not alter data content or data structure in anyways. The symmetry of folders, sub-folders, other folders, remains as original. In addition to that, the software allows users to backup multiple account email file one by one. This is high-performing software and therefore, users receive results in less time. And in a short time, it is possible to back up the entire data of the Zoho mail file.


Save Backup File In Multiple Formats:

The software provides multiple options to save the downloaded or backup file in different formats. It gives more than seven options to save the resulting file. The option are MBOX, PST, MSG, HTML, MHTML, EML, EMLX, PDF, TXT, etc. It saves the file in a standard format so that it could be accessed on any email application that supports a particular file format. E.g. the PST file could be accessed on any version of Outlook.


Sustain Original Structure Of File:

The software while downloading the data or changing the file format does not alter the core structure of the mail file. It keeps the entire data of the Zoho mail file intact. The meta details like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject line, etc. sticks with the file even after the file format change. This keeps the folder hierarchy, attachments, everything in the same symmetry. When you open the Zoho mail file in a new file format, there would not be any change in the original structure.


Free Demo Version For Testing Software:

The Zoho backup software comes with a demo version as well. If users want to check the features and functionality of the software before buying, they can download the demo version. It also allows saving 25 emails from each folder.

DailySoft Zoho Backup


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 Zoho files from the folder you select.

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