Privacy Policy

Privacy of clients’ data is the top most concern for us. We make all efforts to safeguard the information provided by users. We want our customers to be regularly updated and we try to do your best for the same. We highly recommend users to read this page so that they can understand what and how we gather and manage their information.

We also make alterations to this privacy policy from time to time. In case of any clarification, you can reach us at

Is it mandatory to provide information?

No. No compulsion is there to provide your details to browse the website. Users can freely visit our website and all its pages at their will. It totally up to users to provide information or not. It just helps is to deliver you better results.

What type of information is collected?

DailySoft does not ask you for unnecessary details. It asks only your details such as email address, contact number, address and other details which are important for placing an order, confirm your order and to place it to you.

What we do with this information?

We use your information for multiple tasks:

For Online Order: While placing online order for a product, these details are asked from users like email id, address, contact number, etc. Our team uses these details to send you the product details and documents.

For Survey & Contest: To notify you the contest winners & prizes, we need your information that includes email id, name, shipping address, etc. All these details will be processed only with your permission.

For Technical Support: Support to customers is provided when they have any queries related to purchase or others. At that time, we use your email address.

Security: We take care that your online transactions are safe and no details related to the payment are stored in your database.

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