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DailySoft EML to EMLX Converter

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An advanced solution to export Entourage/Thunderbird/WLM/PocoMail databases to Apple Mail, feel free to install the free version of the solution!

  • The license of the solution export selective EML files to Apple Mail .
  • Convert single as well as hundreds of EML files to EMLX file format at one go.
  • Export emails with all email attributes intact and they remain unchanged.
  • A well-suitable solution to be used for personal and commercial users
  • An independent conversion utility that exports data independently .
  • An interactive program that needs no technical help for data conversion.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the EML files without any cost.

DailySoft EML to EMLX Converter is user-friendly solution that exports all EML files without modifying the hierarchy of data, download the app!.

Features & Benefits of EML to EMLX Converter

Prominent Key Features of the Conversion Utility.


Manage to Convert Data in Bunch:

The solution has been designed to export as many EML files as you wish at a time. Bulk data conversion is a significant feature of the program. Conversion accuracy is 100% retained even if you are looking to export single or multiple EML files at a time. It all depends on the choices of users when it comes to converting EML files. They are allowed to export single, double, triple, and hundreds of EML files at one time.


Keep the Data Intact:

With manual conversion, there is always a risk of data loss. But with the help of DailySoft EML to EMLX Converter, users find the best conversion results because the tool keeps the data accuracy intact after migration. It exports all email attributes like hyperlinks, inline images, and attachments. Regardless of the file size and the number of EML files you have selected to export, it keeps the original data intact in all situations.


Capable of Meeting Custom Conversion:

The app has been prepared to meet the goal of custom conversion with its advanced filtration. It has two options to filter specific and targeted EML files from locally saved folders. Once the selected EML files are uploaded, users can filter sub-folders of EML files to export only required data. It is an optional feature that helps to get custom migration results. The feature is beneficial for personal as well as commercial users.


Interactive GUI:

From installation to configuration and running the app, the tool is user-friendly to run. You hardly face trouble in installation and configuration of the application. Even if you are a novice, you don’t face technical issues in operating it. The tool has four wizards and each wizard is self-descriptive with maximum two buttons. The program free version is also available that converts into the licensed version once you have its license.


Compatible & Save Conversion Locally:

If you are operating Thunderbird, Entourage, WLM, or any platform that saves data in EML file format, DailySoft EML to EMLX Exporter meets the conversion goal. It is a highly compatible application. It helps users to export all EML files. After conversion, the exported data is saved to the user’s specified site on the system. It could be any suitable site such as a newly built folder or an existing one. The feature encourages easy data management.


License for Everybody:

There are three suitable licensed versions of the application Individual, Business, and Enterprise. They are launched with the intention to fit the needs of everyone. For example, if you want to use the app for personal use, the Individual version is well suitable for you. If your need for the app is for commercial needs, the Business and the Enterprise versions are for you. Each one has the same functions, but they are differ in terms of installation.

DailySoft EML to EMLX Converter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 EML files from the folder you select.

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