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DailySoft EML to MHTML Exporter

A reliable conversion solution to export users’ specified EML files to MHTML format in just four easy steps, download the free version of the tool to assess its accuracy!!

  • Conversion of only required EML files to MHTML format.
  • Support advanced filtration to select the desired EML databases.
  • Allow users to export single or multiple EML files in a single go.
  • An independent program to export data relentlessly and quickly.
  • A compatible application to export Thunderbird, Entourage, WLM, and several other platforms.
  • The license validity of the application is for an unlimited duration.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the EML files without any cost.

DailySoft EML to MHTML Converter is a user-friendly and independent conversion tool to export selective EML files to MHTML format. The license of the app is available for industrial and personal usages.

Features & Benefits of EML to MHTML Converter

A Well-Functional & Reliable Conversion Utility.


Support Batch Conversion:

DailySoft EML to MHTML Converter offers batch data migration features. It is a significant feature of the app because it helps to simplify the conversion goal. Users, especially commercial ones, need conversion of a sheer range of files. The bulk migration feature of the app makes the conversion goal easy. It saves the time and effort of users. It is a game-changing feature of the program.


Conversion with All Properties Intact:

The application is special because it will never let you compromise the quality of the converted data. All properties of an email are exported safely by the app. It exports CC, BCC, To, From, Date, Hyperlinks, Attachments, and all attributes of emails. Hence, the tool doesn’t leave anything to chance of data loss. T exports attachments in their original formats. It reduces the chance of data loss to a greater extent.


Advanced Filtration Options:

The control of conversion is always in the hands of users because the tool supports two types of filtration of EML files. It supports filtering folders holding EML files. It means folders of any size can upload and export to MHTML format. It supports filtering specific EML files one by one. It means users can filter specific EML files to upload and convert them into MHTML format.


An Independent & Compatible App:

The program is independent. It means it doesn’t need the pre-installation of any supportive email clients and tools. It doesn’t even need Thunderbird, Entourage, WLM, or any other email client support to export data. It is an independent utility. Moreover, the app is compatible with export databases of WLM, Thunderbird, Entourage, PocoMail, and several other EML supporting email clients irrespective of the operating system they support.


Save Output to Targeted Locations:

Manual conversion is tricky and full of risks of data loss. On the other hand, DailySoft EML to MHTML Converter assures users of safe data conversion. It eliminates the chance of mismanagement of the data after conversion. The tool saves the exported data to users’ specified locations. The particular location can be a new folder and an existing one. The site of the new build file can be a sub-folder. The tool doesn’t let users hit the final button until they specify the output location.


Meet Hassle-Free Conversion:

they never face any problem operating the app singlehandedly. Each wizard of the program is self-descriptive. Users never get confused about how to operate it. Each wizard contains a maximum of two steps. The tool needs four prime steps to export EML files to MHTML format.

DailySoft EML to MHTML Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 EML files from the folder you select.

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