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DailySoft EMLX to EML Exporter

One-stop application to convert Apple Mail databases to Thunderbird/Entourage/WLM/PocoMail and many other EML supporting platforms, download the free version of the app today!

  • An award-winning solution to make Apple Mail data compatible with several other platforms.
  • Support to export conversion without third-party apps, not even Thunderbird and Apple Mail.
  • Convert a single EMLX file or multiple at a time by supporting bulk conversion.
  • Export EMLX files with all email attributes and helps avoid data mismanagement.
  • An interactive application to export data in just four easy manual steps.
  • The license of the program is available for all types of users.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the EMLX files without any cost.

A simple and easy-to-operate application for technical and non-technical users to simplify the goal of migration from Apple Mail to EML.

Features & Benefits of EMLX to EML Converter

Prominent Key Features of the Conversion Utility.


Manage to Convert Data in Batch:

With the help of this exceptional application, users can manage to save export time. The remarkable app offers bulk conversion under which users get the complete flexibility to export a single and a large number of EMLX files to EML file format. It is a significant application that saves time during the conversion process. The bulk conversion facility is useful for commercial users where the requirement of conversion is often.


Restore Data Quality:

With manual conversion, there is always the risk of data loss. But with DailySoft EMLX to EML Exporter, there is zero chance of data loss because the application exports all email attributes. Whether a single EMLX file is selected for the conversion of hundreds of EMLX files for the conversion, the data quality remains unchanged and intact. The tool keeps the original file format intact. It exports attachments in their original formats.


Control over Conversion:

The app has two types of filtration buttons to control the conversion results. The filtration feature allows users to export particular EMLX files. Users can browse and find out a specific EMLX file to export to EML. With advanced filtration, results are always in favor of users. Once selected files are uploaded in the app, users can filter items from its preview box. The feature encourages users to export required databases. Hence, the results are under the control of users.


So Easy to Operate:

With manual methods of conversion, users can confuse. With DailySoft EMLX to EML Converter, users never get confused. The tool is interactive to convert data with less confusion. Each window of the application is highly interactive. They need to follow a few easy steps to accomplish the migration goal. Even if you are a novice or have little technical skills, you never get confused about operating this program.


Save the Output to Specified Location:

The tool doesn’t let users click on the last tab until they provide a specific location to save the exported data. The location can be anywhere on the system. It could be a new folder or an existing one. It could be your desktop or a C drive. The tool doesn’t randomly save the exported EMLX files. It is users that specify the location. If an error occurs, the tool automatically creates an Error log and provides its location.


Get the License:

Getting the license of the application is easy. We request users to first install the free trial version of the application. If they find the trial version useful, they can look for the paid ones. The license of the program has three suitable versions- Personal, Business, and Enterprise. As the name suggests, the Enterprise version is for large organizations whereas the Business version is for small organizations.

DailySoft EMLX to EML Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 EMLX files from the folder you select.

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