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DailySoft EMLX to HTML Exporter

A perfect way to export Apple Mail EMLX files into HTML webpage format. This app batch transfers EMLX data files into HTML format with all attachments.

  • Advanced solution to export single/multiple EMLX file items to HTML format
  • Preserve all attachments of EMLX data files during conversion
  • Easy-to-operate solution with a friendly interface
  • No Mac Mail installation is needed for migration
  • Export unlimited EMLX files without any limitations
  • Facility to open Apple Mail files using web browsers
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Simply load and export EMLX data items into HTML without any cost.

DailySoft EMLX to HTML is a user-friendly and reliable migration tool for both technical and non-technical users. The app has proved to be safe for bulk data migration.

Features & Benefits of EMLX to HTML Converter

Prominent Key Features of the Conversion Utility.


Facilitate Bulk Data Migration -

The application is best known for providing bulk data migration. With this feature, users can export EMLX files of all sizes. They can export as many EMLX files as they wish in one go. The bulk conversion feature is useful for users who are looking for the migration of thousands of files. The significant feature makes the process of migration hassle-free.


Restoration of All Properties -

When you convert data manually, the risk of data loss cannot be avoided. DailySoft EMLX to HTML Exporter avoids the risk of data loss because the application has been introduced after several quality checks. It keeps all email properties intact during conversion and gives the exact results you are looking for. No email data is mismanaged or corrupted during the process. It is a reliable tool to export data.


Give Control over Results -

Manual conversion methods give limited scope for migration. They don’t support bulk conversion. There is file size restriction and much more. With the help of DailySoft EMLX to HTML Converter, users get complete independence from exporting specific EMLX files regardless of the size. They can export several EMLX files together. The uploaded files can filter to export only selective items. Hence, the results can customize to a large extent.


Keep the Migration Smoother -

It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you are when it comes to operating the program. Its interactive interface will never let you confuse on steps of migration. The tool has four wizards and each wizard is self-descriptive with two easy steps. Even if users are running the app for the first time, they find it familiar with its key functions. It is very easy to configure, install and run the application.


Save Output to Specified Location-

The tool follows users’ commands. It encourages easy data management after conversion by asking users the output of the newly built HTML files. The output can be a new folder or an existing one. The output can be any suitable drive users want. Hence, the data management task becomes far easy with the tool. It reduces the chance of file mismanagement. Each migrated file can become well-organized.


Look for Suitable License of the App -

The tool has three suitable formats- Individual, Business, and Enterprise. The individual version is targeted at those who want to use the app personally. The Business version is for small companies. Each version supports the same features. They are different in sense of installation restriction. For example, the Individual version can install up to two systems.

DailySoft EMLX to HTML Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 EMLX files from the folder you select.

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