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DailySoft MBOX to HTML Exporter

A reliable conversion tool to export selective MBOX databases to HTML format to get the desired results download the free copy of the program on your system.

  • Enable to export selective MBOX files to HTML format.
  • Allow users to export a single or infinite number of MBOX files at a time.
  • Save all email properties during and after conversion.
  • An independent program doesn’t need the help of other apps to export data.
  • The license of the app is applicable for individual and commercial users.
  • Unlimited conversion facility for all licensed holders.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the MBOX files without any cost.

DailySoft MBOX to HTML Exporter is one of the best applications for data conversion of selective MBOX files to Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and several other web-based platforms. Download the tool today!

Features & Benefits of MBOX to HTML Converter.

A Well-Functional & Reliable Conversion Utility.


Conversion of Data in Batch:

DailySoft MBOX to HTML Exporter is available with one golden advantage that no manual conversion methods support. The tool exports either a single MBOX file at a time or multiple MBOX files in a single go. If users have multiple MBOX files to export, the batch conversion feature comes up as a game-changer. It enables users to export as many MBOX files as they desire in a single go. With bulk migration, the utility helps to create a single stronger HTML file.


Export Data with 100% Accuracy:

The program has crossed various trials for accuracy. Whether you export a single MBOX file or multiple, the data quality remains intact. The tool restores all email attributes and email structure. It converts emails with Date, CC, BCC, To, From, Subject, Hyperlinks, Attachments, and all email attributes. Attachments such as DOC, XLS, JPG, PDF, and several other formats are scanned and exported by the program. It keeps the file quality intact in all situations.


Advanced Filtration Support:

The utility offers ultimate data filtration support to its users. It holds two types of filtration buttons. One filtration button helps to locate specific MBOX files from local folders to select them one after another. The other filtration tab supports filter folders that hold MBOX files. An incredible added advantage of the app is that it exports entire items of an MBOX file or selective ones. The preview pane of the app allows users to filter items that they want to export.


An Independent & Compatible App:

It is an independent program. It means it doesn’t need the help of other tools to export data. Without pre-installation of Thunderbird, WLM, and other MBOX supporting email clients, users can export MBOX to HTML with the help of DailySoft MBOX to HTML Converter. It is a compatible program because it supports Thunderbird, WLM, Entourage, and several other MBOX supporting email clients irrespective of the Operating System they are supporting. After conversion, the newly build HTML file is compatible to open with several web-based platforms.


Save Conversion Locally:

The conversion utility saves the exported data to a local folder that is specified by users. The particular folder can be any. It can be an existing folder or a newly-build. With this feature, the tool encourages easy data management. It eliminates the chance of data mismanagement because users know where the converted data is located. File organization and management tasks become easy with the help of this tool.


Hassle-Free Data Migration:

The program aims at making the conversion process super easy for all including personal and commercial users. It is so lightweight to install on your system in less than five minutes. The configuration process is easy. The windows of the app seem familiar to users because of its interactive interface. The process of conversion needs four primary steps. There is no need for other external tools to export data.

DailySoft MBOX to HTML Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 MBOX files from the folder you select.

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