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DailySoft MSG to HTML Converter

An Advanced conversion solution to export MSG files with precision, download the free trial version of the app to assess its efficacy for individual and commercial needs.

  • Fit to the needs of the individual as well as commercial users.
  • Doesn’t need external tools and not even MS Outlook to export data .
  • Export only marked or selective MSG files to give the desired results .
  • The license of the program is available with an unlimited duration advantage.
  • A lightweight program needs only four steps for conversion.
  • 100% Safe to install and run on your system.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the MSG files without any cost.

DailySoft MSG to HTML is a user-friendly and reliable program to operate on your system without asking technical help, the license of the app is available for both commercial and individual users!

Features & Key Benefits of MSG to HTML Converter.

Get Unlimited Migration Support.


Bulk Conversion Facility:

DailySoft MSG to HTML aims at making your conversion easy, fast, and accurate with bulk data conversion facility. The tool allows users to select either single or a sheer number of MSG files to export to HTML in a single go. The file size doesn’t interrupt the goal of conversion. Users can export accessible MSG files only. It is an incredible feature of the program because it saves time and effort that users put to export files manually.


Retain File Quality & Structure:

The conversion program keeps the file quality intact and unchanged in all situations. Whether you choose to export a single MSG file or hundreds of MSG files, the file quality is not modified. There is no complaint of losing structure and the file content. All email attributes, contact details, tasks, and journals of MSG files are exported to HTML in a safe productive environment. The app exports emails with attachments. It scans and exports attachments in PDF, XLS, and several other formats.


Advanced Filtration Tabs:

There are two different ways users can consider filtering MSG files for conversion. The folder filtration feature helps to filter folders of users’ choice. These folders contain MSG files. The tool uploads all these MSG files in a single go to make them ready for conversion. From the preview pane of the app, users can filter the properties of MSG to export only essential data.


An Easy to Run Application :

The MSG to HTML Conversion app is a straightforward solution for users who want the best conversion support without putting in much effort and have little technical proficiency. It requires four manual steps to export selective MSG files to HTML file format. Each window or wizard of the app is self-descriptive, needs less technical support. The tool simplifies the conversion goal. It makes the export so easy to be attempted by anyone, even a novice.


An Independent Program:

The conversion tool is capable of performing the conversion task without the help of other tools. It doesn’t even need the pre-installation of MS Outlook. Users can export all archived MSG files to HTML format. The utility holds three wizards and each one is self-descriptive. Users never feel confused running the app singlehandedly. A novice can try the free trial version of the app at first and then look for its license.


Unlimited License Validity:

The utility is available with one of the golden benefits. The license validity of the app is for an unlimited duration with unlimited conversion support. Users can feel free to operate the app as long as they require. It is available in three suitable formats- Individual, Business, and Technician. The Individual version can install up to two systems. The Business version is ideal for small businesses where the requirement of the app is limited or a few as the version supports up to 50 systems.

DailySoft MSG to HTML Converter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 MSG files from the folder you select.

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