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DailySoft NSF to MBOX Exporter

A self-efficient application to transfer Lotus Notes data in bulk to MBOX file format, download the conversion tool to assess the capacity of the program.

  • A reliable program to export Lotus Notes to Thunderbird, Entourage, WLM, & several other email clients.
  • Allow users to export one or a heap of NSF files at one go.
  • Simplify the conversion process in just four easy steps of conversion.
  • The license of the application offers unlimited conversion .
  • Fit the needs of personal and commercial users .
  • Convert all email properties of NSF files to MBOX with attachments.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the NSF files without any cost.

DailySoft NSF to MBOX Exporter is one of the best applications to run on your Windows system. The program makes the conversion process easy, quick, & accurate.

Features & Benefits of NSF to MBOX Exporter.

Prominent Key Features of the Conversion Utility.


Support Bulk Data Conversion:

The NSF to MBOX Converter has been designed to make conversion super easy and fast. For this intention, it allows users to export single, double, and hundreds of NSF files to MBOX file format. The feature promotes conversion of NSF files of any size. Bulk conversion doesn’t alter the file quality. The bulk data migration feature is helpful for companies looking for a mount of data conversion.


Conversion with Embedded Items:

An NSF file mailboxes hold dozens of properties or attributes like CC, BCC, To, From, Date, Time, Subject, Inline Images, Hyperlinks, and Attachments. During conversion, the tool targets all properties to give the best results. In other words, the tool exports data without losing single properties. All attachments are exported. The tool scans attachments of any format including JPG, PNG, PDF, and DOC. The file quality is remained intact.


Meet the Goal of Custom Conversion:

It is an advanced app that helps to meet the goal of custom conversion. Users have full control over the results. The tool exports only selective NSF files by supporting advanced filtration. At the same time, the selected NSF files can customize to export only selective folders of these files. It is a prominent feature of the app. Results are always in favor of users.


Holding Interactive Interfaces:

The tool holds around 4 windows. Each window indicates what next you need to follow for migration because they are self-descriptive. Users face less technical hassles to run the program independently. Even a novice finds the application user-friendly. One trial of the application could be enough to run it individually. The tool needs you to follow four easy steps to successfully accomplish the conversion goal.


Save Data to Specified Folders:

The application supports conversion of NSF files to MBOX. After conversion, the newly created MBOX files are saved to the user’s specified folder or sub-folder. The specified folder can be new or an existing one. At the same time, the utility allows users to save the exported to a particular MBOX file or create separate folders for each NSF file. Hence, data management becomes easy.


Suitable for Every User:

DailySoft NSF to MBOX Exporter has been introduced in three suitable formats- Individual, Business, and Enterprise. Each version is the same in terms of key functions and features. However, they are not similar in terms of installation, the personal version can install up to two systems. The business and enterprise versions support multiple systems, but the enterprise version supports almost twice systems than the business one.

DailySoft NSF to MBOX Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 NSF files from the folder you select.

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