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DailySoftOST to MHTML Exporter

A sophisticated application to convert Offline Storage Table to MHTML format in bulk to make the conversion process straight and easy, download the free trial version of the solution today!

  • A technically advanced but practically very easy to run program
  • Capable of converting only targeted or specified OST files to MHTML format
  • Designed to simplify the migration goal by exporting single or multiple OST files
  • Export OST files irrespective of the file size and the version
  • The license of the app is valid for an unlimited duration .
  • Support conversion of MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and other older versions of the program
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the OST files without any cost.

DailySoft OST to MHTML is one of the best applications to export selective OST file data to a server, get the license of the application for the best prices in the industry!

Features & Benefits of OST to MHTML Exporter

Catch a glimpse of the vital features of the program


Support Bulk Conversion

It is a user-friendly application because it supports bulk conversion of OST files to MHTML format. The tool gives users complete independence to export a single OST file or an unlimited number of OST files to MHTML format. In other words, users can choose the app to export single, double, and hundreds of OST files. The file size doesn’t modify the conversion quality.It is a striking feature of the tool.


Migration with Embedded Fields

Whether users choose to export single or multiple OST files, the tool exports all emails with their properties, all contacts with their fields, all messages, all journals, and each sub-folder of OST files. The advanced application keeps the original structure of the data intact. Emails are converted with their attachments. It scans and exports attachments in their original format. There is an attachment button to check to save attachments separately.


Advanced Filtration Tabs

The application carries two filtration tabs. These are in-built features to filter specific locally saved OST files. It supports filtering folders holding OST files to upload the folder data at once. It supports filtering specific OST files one by one with deep filtration support. The uploaded OST files can be filtered from the preview pane of the app to export selective items of these files. Hence, the utility gives users outstanding control over the conversion results.


An Easy to Use App

The app is well-descriptive. It doesn’t need the help of technicians to understand its key functions. Its free trial version is one of the best ways to learn its key functions and its usages for users. Check out the screenshots of the tool to know how its functions. From installation to configuration, the app doesn’t need technical help. Users with basic computer skills can operate it to get smooth conversion support.


Save Conversion Data Locally

The application saves the exported data to a local folder and that particular folder is specified by users during the time of conversion. The local folder can be anyone of your choice. It could be a new folder that iscreated recently. It could be an existing folder or sub-folder. The conversion tool saves the exported data to the specified location only. It is why data management after conversion becomes easy, fast, and accurate by the app.


License for All

DailySoft OST to MHTML Conversion program is available for everyone. Whether your need is personal or commercial, the tool fits your needs because it is available in three suitable formats- Individual, Business, and Technician. Each one has the same type of features, but they are different in form of installation. The Individual version can install up to two systems only. The Technician version can install multiple systems. Therefore, prices for each one are different.

DailySoft OST to MHTML Conversion Tool


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 OST files from the folder you select.

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