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DailySoft OST to MSG Converterr

A reliable program to convert as many OST files as users want at a time to MSG file format! The tool keeps the data integrity intact. It helps to manage the conversion goal individually.

  • Convert selective OST files to MSG file format.
  • Allow users to export one or multiple OST files to MSG file format.
  • Need no deep technical assistance to export data.
  • Export emails, contacts, and events of OST to MSG.
  • The license validity of the app is for an unlimited period.
  • An independent application for data conversion.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the OST files without any cost.

DailySoft OST to MSG Converter is an independent program to export MS Outlook data in bulk. The conversion program is reliable to use for personal and.

Features & Benefits of OST to MSG Conversion.

Below are Some Important Key Features.


Bulk Data Migration:

DailySoft OST to MSG Converter program has been designed to simplify the conversion goal by allowing users to export single or multiple OST files together. The bulk conversion feature is useful because it gives users the independence to export as many OST files as they want at one go. The feature saves the time of users. According to requirements users can set to convert one, two, three, or files.


Convert OST to MSG with Embedded Items:

The conversion tool has proved to be reliable enough for conversion. It is capable of exporting data without modifying the original structure and all-important content such as embedded images, hyperlinks, and rich-text formatting of emails. It exports contacts with all their fields. It exports events with all their fields. All inline images like GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc are exported with top accuracy.


Emails with Attachments & Meta Properties:

The reliable program manages to export all emails with their meta properties like CC, BCC, To, From, Subject, Time, Date, and more. Emails with attachments are exported by the program without losing content quality. Attachments like Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG, and several other formats are scanned and exported by the program. Hence, it is a professionally designed application that users can trust for getting 100% accurate results.


Outstanding Compatibility:

When it comes to conversion of MS Outlook data manually, users have to follow different options for different versions of MS Outlook. Also, there is a file size restriction. But with the conversion tool, there is no such restriction. Users can able to export OST files of any size. Moreover, they are allowed to convert MS Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 data with ease.


Save Conversion Data Locally:

The conversion application has been designed to make the conversion process easy, fast, and accurate. It doesn’t save the converted data randomly to any location in the system, but in a specified location on the system. That location could be a folder, sub-folder, and D drive. Hence, it promotes users a smart data management approach. Overall, the program makes data management easy.


Available for Everyone:

The license of the application is available for everyone. Whether your intention to use the app for personal needs or want to use it commercially the app is suitable for all. It has been launched in three suitable versions- Individual, Business, and Enterprise. All of them are available at different prices. The Individual version is the cheapest one.

DailySoft OST to MSG Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 OST files from the folder you select.

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