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DailySoft OST to TGZ Converter

Are you facing difficulties while exporting from MS Outlook to Zimbra? The conversion app allows exporting from MS Outlook to Zimbra in four easy steps.

  • Convert OST files of any size to Zimbra effortlessly and quickly.
  • The conversion tool exports one or several MS Outlook files at one go.
  • Convert not only emails but also all sub-folders of OST files in Zimbra.
  • An independent application to convert OST files in Zimbra.
  • The license of the app is valid for an unlimited duration.
  • A reliable application to use for individual and business users.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the OST files without any cost.

An easy-to-operate application to transfer as many OST files as users like at a time. Convert OST files of any size to TGZ without losing their structure.

Features & Benefits of OST to TGZ Exporter.

Incredible Key Features of the Conversion Solution.


Export Single & Multiple OST Files:

DailySoft OST to TGZ Converter is capable of converting not only a single but also a range of OST files together. Hence, the utility supports bulk data migration. No file data is spoiled or corrupted during conversion regardless of how many files are selected to convert at a time. The app keeps the data quality intact. The bulk data migration feature saves time and effort.


Export OST to TGZ with Embedded Items:

The conversion tool is reliable. It has been practically assessed for quality in all scenarios. The app doesn’t modify the structure of OST files. During conversion, it keeps the original structure, embedded images, hyperlinks, and rich-text formatting of emails intact and unchanged. At the same time, it allows users to convert sub-folders and inline images like GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc to meet the complete conversion goal.


Convert OST with Entire Data:

An OST file contains notes, contacts, journals, events, emails, and several other data. The application is capable of converting whole OST sub-folders and their items to TGZ to give an assurance of complete conversion. The program exports each item of a sub-folder. It even converts Trash items of OST files. Hence, the tool gives 100% accurate results which make it a reliable program.


Give Users Full Control on Users:

The utility gives users full control over the key functions of the program. It converts the data of MS Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013. It also supports MS Outlook of 2010 and other older versions of the app. The magnificent application supports OST files of all sizes including 2GB, 20GB, and 50GB. After conversion, the exported data is saved in TGZ to access in all versions of Zimbra. It is a significant feature of the application.


Control Over Conversion Results:

The tool gives excellent control over conversion results to its users. It converts only selected OST files of MS Outlook. Users have the freedom to select one, two, three, or hundreds of OST files for conversion at one go. Hence, the results can customize according to the user’s desire. The flexible app is capable of conversion of any size of OST files. It saves the exported data to the user’s selected location.


Unlimited Validity:

The application is available with unlimited license validity. There are three suitable versions of the application- Individual, Business, and Enterprise. The Individual version can upload in one system, whereas the Business and the Enterprise versions support multiple systems. However, each version supports the same features.

DailySoft OST to TGZ Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 OST files from the folder you select.

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