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DailySoft PST to EMLX converter

PST to EMLX Converter For Apple Mac Mail Program:

Easy convert your PST file data to EMLX format.

  • The software support conversion of PST file data to EMLX format with ease.
  • It supports the conversion of PGP and S/MIME encrypted emails.
  • Convert all embedded items like attachments, meta details, folder hierarchy, etc.
  • Maintain the integrity of minute mail details like folder structure, metadata, etc.
  • Allow batch conversion of data.
  • Give a free preview of the file before conversion.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the PST files without any cost.

If you have an PST file and want to access its content on various platforms, take the help of PST to EMLX Converter software, developed for professional use.

Know The Features And Benefits Of PST To EMLX Converter Wizard

Check the key features to know more about the tool.


Allow Multiple File Conversion:

Either you have one file or multiple PST file to convert to EMLX format, with PST to EMLX Converter software, you can easily do that job. The software gives you two options to upload a PST file in it. First, upload folder and second upload file one by one. If you want to convert a single PST file, select the second option, upload the same and convert data. If you have multiple files to convert, save all of them in a folder. Upload the folder in software and follow conversion instruction.


It Does Not Change Meta Details -

The meta details are simple information related to an email, such as To, CC, Bcc, From, Subject line, etc. This gives important details about the mail, therefore, when data get exported to a new platform, it is imperative that all this information also get exported to new mail. The PST to EMLX software, exports meta details as well in addition to other details.


Loan, scan and Preview Of PST File -

When exporting PST data to EMLX format, the PST to EMLX Converter tool, scans the file to locate corruption and inaccessible data. It then repairs the file and retains lost data. Before exporting data to EMLX format, it allows users to preview the file.


Convert PST File Data With Embedded Details-

The software has been built with advanced technology that facilitates the extraction of embedded data in PST file and converting it to EMLX format. It means, the software extracts attached files saved in different formats like Doc, Excel, PDF, etc and convert them to EMLX format. When users open resultant EMLX files after export, they find every piece of information in the new file without alteration.


EMLX File Become Accessible In Any Supporting Application -

EMLX is the file format of the Apple Mac Mail program, and Apple Mac mail has different versions. The EMLX file that software creates could be accessed on any EMLX supporting email application regarding its version.


Support All PST Files Created On Different Platforms -

Outlook creates two types of PST files ANSI and UNICODE. Both files have their respective size limitations, otherwise, the basic structure of the file is the same. The software supports all types of PST file created on different platforms like Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc. There is no limitation for the PST file to be uploaded in the software.

DailySoft PST to EMLX Converter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 PST files from the folder you select.

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