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DailySoft PST To NSF Converter

An Efficient Tool To Convert PST File To NSF:

Access PST file data in the Lotus Notes application with our performing PST to NSF converter tool. The software has the following features.

  • It supports the conversion of PST file to NSF without hiccups.
  • Support export of PDP and S/MIME encrypted emails.
  • Export all the data present in the PST file to NSF format.
  • Export attachments and other exported data as well.
  • Convert data without disturbing the folder hierarchy meta details..
  • Scan and extract deleted or inaccessible data from PST files.
  • Allow conversion of single as well as multiple PST files.
  • Generate preview and log file to cross-check data conversion.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the PST files without any cost.

If you have an PST file and want to access its content on various platforms, take the help of PST to NSF Converter software, developed for professional use.

Features And Benefits Of PST To NSF Converter Software

PST to NSF converter software features listicle.


Perform Batch Conversion Of PST to NSF :

The software can convert PST data to NSF both single file as well as multiple files. It allows you to upload multiple PST files saved in the folder as well as single file one by one. This way you can upload as many files as you have. This is a one-click process and takes very little time to convert data. So you would be able to convert hundreds of PST file in few clicks.


Convert PST File To NSF Format With Embedded Data -

An email file comprises a diverse form of data saved as attachments, hyperlinks, images, etc. These are important data that could not be left. When the PST file is exported to NSF format, the software makes sure that every piece of information gets transferred to the new format, this includes HTML formatting, rich-text formatting, hyperlinks, etc. The advanced algorithm of software supports conversion of inline images as well like .gif, .png, .jpeg, etc.


Meta Details Remain Intact With The File-

There are some basic information that every mail carries and this information are important in various terms. This is called meta details like To, CC, Bcc, From, time and data of email. These details are important in searching any mail, therefore, when data is exported to another format, meta details must remain intact. The PST to NSF converter software keep this information unaltered and the user finds every minute details of each email in the new file as well. So, it ensures that you lose no important data while exporting the PST file to NSF.


Save NSF File In Universally Accepted Form -

After you convert the PST file to NSF format, you don’t have to worry about its accessibility limitations. You can access the resultant NSF file in all versions of the Lotus Notes email application without a hiccup. Additionally, the software can convert all types of PST type created on both old and new Outlook version.


Load, Scan And Give Preview Of Data -

The software has been embedded with the advanced QDRT technique that allows loading, scanning and giving the preview of PST file. When you are exporting data with PST to NSF converter tool, there is no chance of losing any amount of data. The software ensures complete conversion without loss.


Has Easy and User-friendly Interface -

The software is so simple to work with that even a technically naïve person could export PST file data to NSF format without help. All that the person has to do is follow the instructions given on software and in a few clicks, the software will convert the data.

DailySoft PST to NSF Converter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 PST files from the folder you select.

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