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DailySoft Import PST to Yahoo

Import Outlook PST file data to yahoo account with attachments and metadata. The key features of the software are:

  • The software imports Outlook mail PST file to Yahoo account directly.
  • It supports the export of S/MIME and PGP encrypted mails.
  • It imports complete items to Yahoo including messages, contact, calendar.
  • Import emails with attachments and embedded items.
  • Provide the batch conversion option, means importing multiple PST file to the software.
  • Repair and retain inaccessible PST file data.
  • The demo version gives an idea about software features and functionality.
  • Keep the meta details and other attributes of the PST mail file intact.
  • Compatible to work with all types of PST file.
  • It is a Windows OS software.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the PST files without any cost.

If you have an PST file and want to access its content on various platforms, take the help of Import PST to Yahoo software, developed for professional use.

Know The Benefits And Features Of PST to Yahoo Importer Tool

Features And Benefits Of Import PST to Yahoo.


Ensures Complete Import Of Data -

The software does the complete import of data from the PST file to Yahoo. It imports folders, subfolders, created folders, contact, calendar, task and other folders’ data to Yahoo file. During the import process, it does not alter the format of file or data in anyways.


Import Data With Attachments -

The software imports data with attachments, meta details and other attributes of mail. It left no data untouched. So, when you open the PST mail file in the Yahoo email account, you don’t miss any data or its structure.


Allow Single and Bulk File Import -

The software allows both single and bulk mail file data import to Yahoo account. If you have one or two PST files to import data, then you choose to upload files in software one by one. If the number is more, and you have saved the PST in a folder, you can use another option present in the software i.e. upload folder. PST to Yahoo migratory tool import data from one platform to another in seamless time.


Compatible With All Types Of PST -

The software is compatible with all types and size of PST files that Outlook could create. Users can import ANSI, UNICODE or in a combination of PST to software for data import. With all types of files, it works with the same efficiency and speed. Users can upload attachments of any size on the software and access its data in the Yahoo account.


Does Not Alter Folder Hierarchy -

The software does not alter the folder hierarchy. It keeps the meta details, folder hierarchy, subfolders and other attributes of the email intact. Thus, when users open Outlook PST mail file in Yahoo mail, they don’t find a miss.


Option To Save Data Of Folders -

The software provides the option to users to save file either in similar folders or create a new folder. E.g. if users wish to save the Outlook PST inbox folder data in the inbox folder of yahoo mail, then there is a provision present in the software. On the other hand, if users choose to create a separate folder for saving PST folders in Outlook, the option is available for that as well.


Load, Scan and Preview Data -

After users upload the PST file in the software, it first scans the file to retrieve inaccessible data. It then presents the preview of the file so that users can check if the complete file. After receiving approval from users, software upload data to yahoo account.

DailySoft Import PST to Yahoo


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 PST files from the folder you select.

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