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DailySoft Split vCard Software

A smart solution to split vCard files into multiple VCF files. This program provides you with individual VCF file by splitting a large vCard file within a few easy clicks.

  • Comfortably divide a large VCF file into multiple VCF files
  • 100% safe and secure division of VCF files
  • Unlimited VCF files splitting without any inconvenience
  • Split and save individual VCF files into v3.1 and v2.1
  • Support various platform-generated VCF files
  • Independent solution for splitting vCard files
    Windows 10

Free mode: Try the free demo edition and split VCF files without paying anything.

DailySoft Split vCard Software is an excellent automated solution for splitting vCard files into multiple vCard files without altering any contact information.

Quality Features provided by DailySoft VCF Splitter Software

An effortless way to divide vCard files with this automated tool


Split unlimited VCF files :

With this vCard Splitter Software, one can easily break vCard files of various sizes. Moreover, this utility does not put any limit on the size & quantity of VCF files to split into parts. One can easily browse multiple VCF files at a time of various sizes to split them into individual VCF files without the risk of any data loss.


Sustain all contact properties:

vCard Divider Tool smoothly preserves all contact properties like first name, last name, phone number, email address, images, mobile number, etc. and keeps all contact data as it is at the time of splitting vCard files. Thus, in a safe way, contacts of VCF files are divided into multiple VCF files without any hurdles.


Support different platform-created VCF files :

This program can easily support all kinds of VCF files. It works amazingly with VCF files created by various platforms and applications like Outlook, G Suite, iCloud, Skype, WhatsApp, and more. Without the requirement of any additional program on the system, users can swiftly work on this VCF file divider tool.


Safe and well-tested program:

You will find this utility 100% safe and sound to use. It is well-examined to work properly without the risk of data loss. Experts have tested it on multiple parameters and found it perfect to use by all users. Moreover, safety of data is the prime concern that has been taken care of while developers designed this effortless tool.


Attractive User Interface:

The entire interface and steps of this software are friendly. No confusion is faced by users in handling this program. It is very clear to understand the process of splitting vCard files even for novice users with this software. However, for resolving any kind of query, we provide 24x7 customer support to our users.


Support all versions of vCard & Windows :

This amazing tool can split VCF files into vCard versions 3.0 and 2.1. It nicely works with all editions oof VCF. In addition to this, the software is installable flawlessly on all editions of Windows operating systems like Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and others. You won’t face any issues in operating the software on all available Windows editions.

DailySoft Free Split vCard Software Tool


Go for the free trial version for evaluating the software by splitting the first 25 VCF files into multiple VCF files.


Client Reviews

U20 FItCan’t express my happiness and satisfaction in words after working with DailySoft VCF Splitter software. It helped me to break vCard files exported from different applications and took only a few minutes to carry out the task. DPzmyiD

U20 FItThis is the perfect choice for me to online split vCard contact files without any harm to contact attributes. I want to suggest this smart solution to everyone. Thank You. DP zmy iD

U20 FItI was able to effortlessly divide 200+ vCard files at once with this marvelous program. In completing the task of dividing VCF files, this software played a very important role for me. For this, I want to thank in millions to the whole team of DailySoft. DP zmy iD

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