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DailySoft TGZ to Gsuite Migrator

An easy yet powerful way to migrate complete TGZ data into Gsuite account effortlessly:

  • Export complete data from Zimbra TGZ account into Gsuite.
  • Create a separate folder for every folder present within the TGZ file..
  • Maintains the folder structure of the TGZ file while saving it into Gsuite.
  • Keeps metadata, attachments, and formatting intact.
  • Export emails, contacts, calendars, task, notes, journal or any other folder present in the file.
  • Support bulk migration of multiple TGZ files without data loss.
  • It is a standalone tool for the successful migration of Zimbra to Gsuite.
  • Compatible with all Microsoft Window Operating systems.
  • Migrate data from Zimbra to Gsuite without having Zimbra on your machine.
  • A user-friendly interface to make data migration easier.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the TGZ files without any cost.

If you have an TGZ file and want to access its content on various platforms, take the help of TGZ to Gsuite Migrator, developed for professional use.

Features and Benefits of TGZ to Gsuite Migrator

Features And Benefits Of TGZ to Gsuite Migrator.


Comprehensive Migration Tool:

This wizard is complete solutions for saving the complete data from your TGZ file into Gsuite irrespective of its size and amount of data that has to be transferred. You can export all your folders present within a TGZ file with zero risks of data loss, and without compromising the minor details.


Keep Data Integrity Intact:

For a user, the folder tree must not get compromised while the export of data from one platform to another takes place. This TGZ to Gsuite migration wizard ensures to keep the folder structure intact without losing anything. Thus, if you have subfolders and folders within subfolders then also the tree will remain intact. While migrating the data like contacts, emails, calendars, tasks, notes etc. from TGZ to Gsuite; software ensures that Meta properties remain intact. You will not lose any email formatting, Cc or bcc contacts or any hyperlinks or formatting present in calendars after the migration.


Bulk Migration of TGZ files:

If you have several TGZ files to be migrated into Gsuite then Zimbra to Gsuite migration tool is the right solution for you. It can migrate multiple TGZ files into Gsuite at once without any data loss. This helps you save ample time consumed in migrating one file at a time. Since Zimbra is highly used in offices and workplaces; your .tgz file may be heavy. Thus, our tool can efficiently read and export heavy size TGZ files into Gsuite. The tool also ensures that while reading huge files it maintains data integrity and time-saving.


Standalone Wizard for Migration:

You may have got a raw TGZ file that needs to be migrated into some Gsuite account. Thus, we make it easier for you by providing an independent environment; which means you do not have to have Zimbra installed on your machine for migration.


No file size Limitations: Safe and Secure to Use:

We guarantee that whatever data you convert or migrate remain safe and secure. It will not be shared or compromised by any mean. This helps in maintaining the trust of our clients in TGZ to Gsuite migrator. Our tool does not create any backup of files before or after performing the data migration and ensure no data loss.


Support All Windows OS:

This TGZ to Gsuite conversion wizard is compatible with all Microsoft operating system and does not require any in-built application to perform the migration. All you need is a window compatible machine with our tool installed in it to migrate data from TGZ files into Gsuite.


Opt for Trial Edition:

It is always recommended to try before buy and that is why we have a free trial version for you. Simply click and install the tool on your machine to start using it. The trial version will work exactly like the licensed version but with certain limitations. After you feel satisfied with the trial version, go for a perpetual license for full-fledged migration.

DailySoft TGZ to Gsuite Migrator


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 TGZ files from the folder you select.

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