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DailySoft TGZ to NSF Exporter

An easy-to-operate application to export single or multiple TGZ files to Lotus Notes without putting much effort, download the free version of the app.

  • A well-functional application for conversion of only required TGZ files to NSF.
  • Need pre-installation of Lotus Notes to export TGZ to NSF.
  • Export all emails, contacts, notes, journals, and other data of Zimbra to Lotus Notes.
  • Need no technical assistance to export TGZ files.
  • The license offers unlimited conversion facility.
  • Provide users an excellent control over the key functions of the app.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the TGZ files without any cost.

DailySoft TGZ to NSF Conversion program has been designed to simplify the conversion goal by making the process short, fast, and safe.

Features & Benefits of TGZ to NSF Converter.

Prominent Key Features of the Conversion Utility.


Batch Data Migration:

DailySoft TGZ to NSF Converter is one of the most useful applications for all types of users including individuals and commercial. The tool supports batch data migration that is a significant feature of the program. Under this feature, users have the independence to export single, double, or hundreds of TGZ files to NSF file format. There is no file size restriction. Users have the independence to choose multiple TGZ files to convert to Lotus Notes.


Complete Data Conversion:

The program supports complete data conversion. A TGZ file contains not only emails but also contacts, notes, messages, and more. The tool exports all folders of TGZ files. Emails are exported with all their attributes intact including attachments, hyperlinks, and inline images. Contacts carry their all fields. Moreover, emails are exported with their properties and attachments in any format. There is not data loss in any situation. All non-English content are exported safely by the program.


Provide Custom Conversion:

When it comes to conversion manually, no manual methods support custom conversion. They have file size restriction. They don’t allow bulk data conversion and so on. But with DailySoft TGZ to NSG Exporter, users face no trouble in exporting data. TGZ files of any size can be exported. The tool exports only selective TGZ files. It exports as many TGZ files as users want. Entire folders of TGZ can be exported or selective folders of TGZ are exported.


Interactive Interface:

Even if you are a novice or have basic computer knowledge, you face no technical issues in operating the app because of its interactive interface. From installation to configuration, all tasks can be gained without technical help. Each window of the app indicates what next you will have to follow to accomplish the migration goal. Manually, you need to follow only four steps and the rest is done by the application.


Save Output Locally:

The conversion program saves the output data to the user’s specified location. In other words, it doesn’t save the converted data randomly. Users direct the app to save the exported data to an existing folder or a new one. Hence, data management becomes easy. It has the feature to save the entire exported data to one NSF folder or create a separate NSF file for each one.


Suitable for Every User:

DailySoft TGZ to NSF Exporter is a professionally designed application. The tool has three suitable formats- Individual, Business, and Enterprise. The Business and the Enterprise versions are excellent for commercial purposes. The Business Version is cheaper than the Enterprise version. It is well-suitable for small organizations whereas the Enterprise version is for larger organizations. Hence, the tool meets the needs of users.

DailySoft TGZ to NSF Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 TGZ files from the folder you select.

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