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DailySoftTGZ to PST Exporter

A well-functional application to transfer from complex Zimbra to user-friendly MS Outlook platform effortlessly and at fast speed, download the free version of the program.

  • Help to gain TGZ to PST conversion effortlessly and with top accuracy.
  • An independent application, doesn’t need pre-installation of MS Outlook for conversion.
  • The license of the application is valid for unlimited usages .
  • Facilitate the conversion goal in four easy steps.
  • Export data in batch or export single TGZ file at a time .
  • Give users full control over the key functions of the app.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the TGZ files without any cost.

DailySoft TGZ to PST Converter is a user-friendly application that has designed and developed to use for personal and commercial purposes!.

Features & Benefits of TGZ to PST Converter.

Prominent Key Features of the Conversion Utility.


Capable of Batch Migration:

DailySoft TGZ to PST Exporter is a fast conversion solution. It performs conversion of Zimbra data to MS Outlook with high speed by allowing users for batch data conversion. Under this feature, users have the flexibility to select one, two, or more TGZ files together to convert to MS Outlook. The tool doesn’t restrict users for conversion of TGZ files of any size. Batch conversion is the game changing feature of the application.


Meet Complete Conversion of TGZ:

A TGZ file contains various sub-folders like contacts, notes, messages, events, and emails. With the help of the application, users can able to export entire folders and items of each folder to PST file format. In other words, the tool helps to meet the complete data conversion goal without putting much effort. All email attributes including CC, BCC, To, From, Date, Time, and Attachments are exported. All contact fields are exported. All event schedules and data are exported.


Meet the Goal of Custom Conversion:

Whatever the manual conversion method from Zimbra to MS Outlook, no one supports custom conversion. You may face restriction of conversion. But DailySoft TGZ to PST Converter offers smooth conversion by exporting all email properties and TGZ files of any size. At the same time, the tool has advanced filtered option to search and upload specific TGZ files from locally saved folders. Moreover, the tool is useful to export only targeted folders of TGZ.


An Easy to Run Solution:

The program is self-descriptive. It doesn’t need technical help even if you are a novice. It contains four easy steps for conversion. Each window of the app itself indicates what next you need to follow to achieve the migration goal. One trial of the application is enough to assess how easy it is to run the program. Even if you are using the app after a long gap, you would not face problem to run it individually.


Save Output Locally:

For users’ convenience, the program doesn’t save the exported data randomly. The output of the converted data is decided by users. It can be any suitable location in the system that users decide. It can be a new folder or an existing one. Management of the data after conversion is not difficult. The tool is user-friendly. It encourages easy data management.


Suitable for Every User:

DailySoft TGZ to PST Converter has been introduced for all types of users. Whether your requirement is personal or commercial, you can purchase the program. DailySoft has launched the program in three suitable formats- Individual, Business, and Enterprise. Each version supports the same features, but they are different in terms of installation. The Individual Version can be installed in a single system.

DailySoft TGZ to PST Exporter


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 TGZ files from the folder you select.

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