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DailySoft Thunderbird to EML Exporter

A one-stop solution to convert Thunderbird files to EML file format by exporting data in bulk, download the free copy of the version to closely assess its efficacy!

  • Convert healthy and accessible Thunderbird files straight from Thunderbird .
  • The license of the app offers unlimited conversion without modifying the original properties.
  • Design to perform conversion of single or multiple Thunderbird files in one go.
  • Support the smartest filtration tabs to locate and export targeted Thunderbird files .
  • Maintain the folder hierarchy and attachments in their original formats.
  • Need no technical assistance to export data because of the interactive interface.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the Thunderbird files without any cost.

DailySoft Thunderbird to EML is a practically easy and logically advanced solution to export Thunderbird to EML in batch and single, download it today.

Features & Benefits of Thunderbird to EML Importer

A Sophisticated App to Facilitate Batch Conversion.


Advanced Bulk Migration Support:

DailySoft Thunderbird to EML Exporter is embedded with various incredible features to simplify the conversion process. The tool exports data in batch where users have the complete independence to export single, double, triple, and an unlimited number of Thunderbird files to EML format. The feature saves time and effort. It helps to make the conversion process hassle-free for users, especially commercial users.


Conversion with No Data Loss :

Your priority to export data without losing a single piece of information is fulfilled by the conversion program because it exports data with top accuracy. All email properties are intact during the conversion process. No Thunderbird’s data is modified or goes missing. The tool transfers CC, BCC, To, From, and Attachments of Thunderbird in one go. Attachments are scanned and exported in their original format.


Filter Data to Find Desired Results:

One of the remarkable things about the app is that it has inbuilt data filtration features. One mode of the app selects the Thunderbird location by default to let you choose your favorite Thunderbird files. Another mode allows users to select Thunderbird location manually so that only targeted or the most desirable Thunderbird files are exported. From the preview pane of the app, users can filter items of their choice.


Compatible & User-Friendly Solution:

The app is highly compatible with data conversion as the exported data can access to Entourage, PocoMail, WLM, and several other platforms of Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is a user-friendly solution because of its interactive interface. Steps are easy to remember after trying once. It doesn’t need technical assistance for data conversion. The process of migration is straightforward to follow by anyone, even a novice.


Save Conversion to Specified Address:

The conversion solution saves the exported data to a specific location on the system and that location is assigned by users. It could be a new folder or an existing one. The local address can be a folder or a sub-folder. It depends on users how they want to manage the exported data. It encourages users for easy data management by avoiding data mismanagement.


Unlimited License Validity:

The license validity of the solution is not going to expire lifelong because the program is valid for an unlimited duration. Users can able to use the app as long as they desire and are allowed to export as many files as they want. No matter whatever version of the app you are using, the validity is unlimited. The individual version is the cheapest version of all.

DailySoft Thunderbird to EML Migrator


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 Thunderbird files from the folder you select.

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