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DailySoft Thunderbird to Hotmail Migrator

Download this DailySoft Thunderbird to Hotmail Migrator tool and migrate your Thunderbird to Hotmail format in just a few minutes. The app can migrate all your Thunderbird files accurately and easily!

  • Even a novice user who does not have enough technical knowledge can easily send files using this amazing Migrator.
  • Any user can easily download the migrated Thunderbird files without any problem..
  • With a simple and graphical user interface, it will be easy for every user to use this program in their system.
  • Users are completely free to use the application, they can select the files they want to send in Hotmail format.
  • This app maintains the integrity and structure of the data.
  • The tool migrates email properties and formatting.
  • Also, any type of modification is not performed by the app every time the actual result is given to the users.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the Thunderbird files without any cost.

This Thunderbird to Hotmail Migrater app always supports healthy data conversion. Therefore, any type of data leak or data corruption is not pleasing to the app. The quality of the files is always maintained by the application!

Features of the tool

Here are some amazing features of the application:


Retains the structure:

The structure of the Thunderbird files is maintained as it is during the whole migration task in order to give users their choice result. Thus, users are able to get a desired result every single time without facing any hurdle.


Zero error:

Any kind of error is not their as all the thunderbird files are well-previewed and scanned by this Thunderbird to Hotmail migrator tool. Always a healthy result is served to the users without any data loss or data corruption.


Great Compatibility:

This Thunderbird to Hotmail Migrator tool can be used in any of the Windows Operating system as the application gives users a great compatible feature. Thus, from old version of the windows that is Windows XP to the new version Windows 10, this application can be used smoothly and reliably.


Independent application:

It is an independent tool thus users do not need to be dependent on any other application for carrying the migration of the Thunderbird files to the Hotmail format. Direct migration of the thunderbird files is done.


Selective file conversion:

Users can select the Thunderbird files that they want to migrate as the application helps in a selective migration of the Thunderbird files. Any amount of the Thunderbird files can be selected by the users and thus saving a lot of time of the users.


User’s choice saving:

The migrated thunderbird files can be saved at any location where the user wants it to save. The app provides the user’s choice saving.


Free demo version:

A free demo version is provided by the tool so that users acquires enough knowledge about “how the app works?”. A few of the Thunderbird files can be migrated using this free demo version. Apart from it, a full-time customer help service is also granted to the users.

DailySoft Thunderbird to Hotmail Migrator


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 Thunderbird files from the folder you select.

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