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DailySoft Thunderbird to PDF Converter

A simple and straight solution to export one or multiple Thunderbird files to Personal Document Format, download the free copy of the app to assess its efficacy today!

  • Convert selective or the desired Thunderbird files to PDF file format.
  • Support single or batch data migration.
  • Support to filter Thunderbird files from default location or locate location manually.
  • Enable to export only entire fields of a Thunderbird file including CC, BCC, To, and From.
  • Simplify the conversion process by making the process short and easy to follow.
  • The license validity of the app is for an unlimited duration.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the Thunderbird files without any cost.

DailySoft Thunderbird to PDF Exporter is straight and easy-to- configure app, users with little technical proficiency can operate the app singlehandedly!.

Features & Benefits of Thunderbird to PDF Exporter

Manage to Export Data in Batch.


Convert Unlimited Files at a Time:

DailySoft Thunderbird to PDF Exporter is a sophisticated application because it exports a single Thunderbird file or multiple at a time. Users find complete independence to export as many Thunderbird files as they want. Bulk data conversion is achieved without compromising data quality. The tool offers complete independence to users. It is a noticeable feature of the app to complete the goal of conversion easily.


Export without Modification in Data:

A Thunderbird file carries emails and their entire properties like hyperlinks, text body, CC, BCC, To, From, and Attachment. The conversion solution exports entire entities of emails. It exports emails with their attachments. The tool scans and converts attachments without modifying their formats. For example, an attachment in XLS file format will be converted into the same format and saves separately.


Two Different Ways to Filter Files:

The tool is embedded with two types of filtration tabs. One allows users to load Thunderbird location manually. It means to select the location from which you actually want to extract the data. Another filtration feature supports loading Thunderbird from the default location. It means the tool selects the location by default. In this way, it is easy to upload only selective Thunderbird files to PDF file format.


Find Optimum Control on Conversion :

No manual conversion methods offer the independence that the tool offers. It has two types of filtration buttons. It filters targeted Thunderbird files or users’ specified Thunderbird files only. Therefore, results are always in favor of users. The utility doesn’t modify the converted data in any instances. Batch conversion supports to export of a huge number of files to PDF file format.


Save Conversion to Specified Address:

The conversion tool saves the exported data to a specific location that is specified by users. It means it doesn’t save the exported data by default. The location of the exported data can be anywhere on the system. It can be a folder or sub-folder of the system. Hence, data management becomes so easy to gain. The tool lets you organize the output of the data systematically.


Unlimited License Validity:

The application is available in three suitable formats- Business, Technicians, and Individual. Each one is valid for an unlimited duration with the facility of unlimited conversion. It is a striking advantage of the app. Each version supports the same features. The major difference is the limitation for installation. The individual version supports installing up to two systems whereas the business one can install up to 50 systems.

DailySoft Thunderbird to PDF Migrator


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 Thunderbird files from the folder you select.

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