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DailySoft Thunderbird to TGZ Converter

A reliable and fast conversion tool to export selective Thunderbird files to Zimbra in just four easy steps, get its license to export unlimited data!

  • A reliable conversion tool to regular the conversion process as per your desire.
  • Support advanced filtration tabs to filter specific Thunderbird files to NSF format.
  • Need no technical help to export data directly from Thunderbird to Lotus Notes.
  • Design to export single or a bunch of Thunderbird files together to save time and effort .
  • The license validity of the app is for an unlimited duration to use as much as you desire.
  • Design to export Thunderbird files of all size.
    Windows 10

Free Demo: Load, scan, and view all the Thunderbird files without any cost.

DailySoft Thunderbird to TGZ Exporter is the one-stop app to export data from the Thunderbird directory to Zimbra by making the conversion process hassle-free and smooth!

Features & Benefits of Thunderbird to TGZ Exporter

Perform Bulk Data Migration Quickly & Efficiently.


Facilitate Bulk Migration:

One of the most noticeable features of the application is batch migration. It means the tool is capable of exporting a huge number of Thunderbird files to Zimbra. The file size doesn’t matter here. Users get the complete independence to select Thunderbird files of their choice to export into TGZ format. The app exports not just single, double but also an unlimited number of Thunderbird files to Zimbra.


Restore Data Quality :

The data quality after conversion is not modified or goes missing. Each property of emails is exported including CC, BCC, To, From, Date, Subject, Hyperlinks, Signature, Inline Images, and Attachments. One of the best things about the app is that it exports emails with their attachments. The tool scans and exports attachments without making changes in their original format.


Filter Selective Files:

The in-built feature of the application is filtration tabs. These tabs search for particular Thunderbird files easily and quickly. The one tab selects the Thunderbird location by default, while the other tab helps users to locate the Thunderbird location manually. Both ways are useful to select the desired Thunderbird files to Zimbra.


A User-Friendly Application:

It is a user-friendly program. The interface of the app carries three windows and each one is well-descriptive. They don’t need technical help even if you are a novice. The program wraps up the conversion process in four main steps- select the mail source, select files, choose the output format, set the output location, and press the conversion button.


Save Output to Local Folders:

After conversion, the newly created Zimbra data is saved to the location that is well-known to users because the tool asks users to select the output location in the system. The particular location can be a new folder or an old one. It can be a prime folder or sub-folder. It all depends on users how they want to arrange the converted data. Hence, management of converted data becomes so easy.


License Available for All:

Get the license of the application for individual and commercial usages. The application has three suitable versions including Individual, Business, and Enterprises. As the name suggests, Individual one is suitable for personal use because the app can install up to two systems. The Business Version is for small organizations and the Enterprise Version is for larger ones.

DailySoft Thunderbird to TGZ Migrator


*Free version enables you to convert first 25 Thunderbird files from the folder you select.

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