Importing EML Files Into Hotmail/ Account With Simple Ways

EML to Hotmail

In this write-up, we will be discussing how you can import EML emails into the Hotmail/ cloud account. Due to the great demand for, many desktop email client users are migrating towards it. This blog highlights a well-known method with simple steps to import EML data items into a Hotmail account. So, let’s get started.

Basic Introduction

A lot of users switch from EML-based email clients to Hotmail accounts because of the popularity and features offered by Hotmail account.

According to an official blog post, Hotmail is offering new features such as increased file attachment size, ability to view, edit and share documents online, conversation view, better mobile experience, real-time document collaboration, etc.

“Hello friends, I am using Windows Live Mail on my PC in my office and Hotmail at home. So, sometimes I need to access Windows Live Mail files in my Hotmail account. Due to this, I am looking for a solution to bulk import WLM emails into Hotmail. Can anyone suggest me a trustworthy solution?’’

How to Import EML to

Moving emails from EML to account is not possible with manual solutions. For this, users have to depend on third-party tools like EML to Hotmail Importer. It is one such reliable and effective solution to import EML files in bulk into a Hotmail account. This is a verified solution where you don’t need the installation of any email client in the system to use this program. It safely imports EML emails with associated attachments into the account. So, follow the given steps for importing EML email messages into Hotmail account:

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Step 1. Download and Launch the software on your Windows OS to import the EML database into your Hotmail account. This is the first step for opening the software.

Step 2. After opening the software, Select EML file format and click the Next button.

Step 3. Here, choose the desired option and then add EML files/folder that you want to import into your Hotmail account. Click Next.

Step 4. Select Hotmail account in Export options and click Next.

Step 5. Enter the username and password of your Hotmail account. Click on Authenticate User button.

Step 6. Choose a folder for importing EML files. For this, users can choose any old folder or create a new folder in the Hotmail account.

Step 7. Press the Upload Now button for commencing the import of EML data items into your Hotmail account.

Free Download EML File to Importer

You can easily move EML files directly into your Hotmail account using the free trial version of the software. It is specially designed for users to test its working & features. Also, by downloading the demo version of the software, users can satisfy their requirements. The demo version of the software allows importing the first 25 EML files into the account. To transfer all EML email items into Hotmail, activate the license key of this tool.

Why Should One Trust On EML To Hotmail Importer Software?

The software is professionally designed to provide 100% accurate results. It is fully independent application that does not require external program support. Now, let us know the advantages offered by the software.

Comes With Easy Interface

With the self-introductory steps of this automated solution, users can seamlessly understand the import process of the EML database into a Hotmail account. No problem is faced by tech & non-tech users in handling it.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy

The product maintains folder hierarchy and email components like subject, date, time, to, cc, bcc, etc. throughout the conversion process. Not a single data item is misplaced or altered during the migration using this software.

100% Secure Program

This excellent utility is completely safe. You can easily move all size EML files straightforward to a Hotmail account with this tool. No errors are displayed by the software during the migration process. Not any detail of users’ is saved by it.

Mass Import Of EML Files

This program does not count the number of EML files. It effortlessly moves unlimited EML file items into a Hotmail account without any hassles. This feature saves a lot of time and energy of users. In a single attempt, several EML files are uploaded into the Hotmail account.

Support All EML Files

EML files that you have exported from any email client like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Zimbra, etc. are smoothly supported by the program. This amazing tool supports all healthy EML files.

Keep Attachments Embedded

While uploading EML email messages into account, this software safely imports attachments to Hotmail account with EML emails. There is no risk of losing attachments or changes in their formatting throughout the migration.

Only Need Account Login Details

Simply install the software, add EML files and provide login details of Hotmail account to import these files into Hotmail account. No other information or program installation is required to complete the migration.

Run-on All Windows Versions

You have the freedom to utilize this software on all versions of the Windows operating system. It can smoothly work with Windows 10, 8, 7, and older versions. Also, freely apply for personal, professional, or technician licenses.

FAQ’S – How To Upload EML Data Files Into Hotmail.Com?

I Have EML Files From Mozilla Thunderbird. I Need to Import Them Into Hotmail Account? What to do?

Simply download this professional solution on your Windows PC and then follow the steps mentioned above to successfully complete the import task.

Is There Any Limit Imposed By The license Edition Of This Software?

No, the license version has no limitations. You can import EML files in any numbers into Hotmail with attachments.


I hope now you are aware of the best solution to import EML data items into Download the software to read EML files in your Hotmail account. It is the simplest and safest solution to move EML messages into account. No technical assistance and supportive program installation is required to use it. So, simply go with this tool and get accurate results with 100% safe outcomes.