Convert MBOX Files to EMLX Files Format Instantly With a Perfect Solution


Summary: Many email applications utilize MBOX file format to store email messages. MBOX file saves multiple emails in single file in concatenated manner. It is a flexible & widely used file format. Despite this, many users want to convert MBOX data files into EMLX file format.

The primary reason is to access MBOX files in Apple Mail email client. Also, users have several reasons behind this conversion.

Let us go through a query to better understand the reason behind this conversion –

‘I am working with .xyz firm from last 8 years. Now, I have planned to use Mac OS. But I was 2000+ MBOX files on my Windows system and I need them in my Mac OS. Is there any way to perform the conversion so that I can easily import MBOX files in Apple Mail EMLX? Please help me to get a direct solution to move MBOX emails into EMLX format.”

This query is taken from forum sites. After knowing the issue faced by users, we have come up with a solution and tried to resolve users’ query with the help of this post. Read it to know the solution in details.

Manual Method to Convert MBOX Data Files Into EMLX File

Yes, you can manually export the data of MBOX format into EMLX file format.  For this, given are the steps:

  • Run Mail app on your Mac system.
  • Select desired email message that you want to save as EMLX.
  • Drag & drop the email message inside the folder on Mac Mail (outside of Mail app)
  • This will save the emails automatically into EMLX files.

This method is very simple but its biggest drawback is you can drag & drop single email at once. Due to this, the process becomes time-consuming and lengthy in case of hundreds or thousands of emails. However, if you have selected emails, you can try this method.

Due to this, it is much better to go for next method that performs bulk conversion within few minutes.

Automated Method To Bulk Convert MBOX Files Data Into EMLX Files

Due to single email conversion by manual method, users look for another solution that is capable of bulk performing with complete safety to data. Due to this, experts suggest to use third-party solutions as they are simple to use and completely safe. One such solution is DailySoft MBOX to EMLX Converter. This software allows direct and bulk conversion of MBOX email items into EMLX format with their associated attachments. Without compromise to data quality, this application completes the conversion. No external program installation is needed for using this professional solution.

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Steps To Export MBOX Database Into EMLX File Format

  1. Launch and Open the software on any Windows OS to export MBOX email messages into EMLX file format.
  2. Now, you need to choose MBOX File Format. After this, click on Next button on the bottom right of the screen.
  3. In third step, Select Folder or Select Multiple MBOX Files radio button. Besides this, there is Browse button. Click on it and add MBOX data files that you want to convert into EMLX file format. Then, hit Next button available on the end of the screen.

Note: In case Thunderbird is pre-installed on your system, then choose ‘Thunderbird Directory Location’ option. This will load mailboxes from Thunderbird directly to the software panel.

  1. Under Mail source in which you want to convert, choose EMLX file format and then hit the Next button.
  2. Now, it’s time to set location for saving EMLX files. For this, hit the given Browse button and specify path of your choice.
  3. Press the Convert Now button and this smoothly exports all added MBOX mailbox files into EMLX file format.

The software immediately provides you EMLX files without any data loss issues.

Advanced Features of MBOX To Apple Mail EMLX Converter Tool

This valuable program will offer you a lot of benefits which are really helpful in performing the conversion quickly & safely.

Facilitates Batch Conversion: Using this advanced MBOX to Mac Mail Conversion Tool, users can easily load single as well as multiple MBOX files at a time to export into EMLX file format. The software does not restrict the number of MBOX files.

Direct and Accurate Conversion: There is full accuracy and safety of data throughout the conversion process. No harm to your MBOX data files while the software exports them into EMLX file format.

Auto-Detect Thunderbird Data Files: If Thunderbird email client is installed on your system, then this software auto-detects files from Thunderbird to export into EMLX file format.

No External Application Required: To use this third-party solution, no Thunderbird or Mac Mail email client installation is required. This program works independently to perform the conversion.

Preserve Attachments and Meta Properties: All email headers, attachments, and email properties are well preserved throughout the conversion. This application takes care of every single item while exporting them to EMLX from MBOX files.

Provide Demo and License Version: Demo version for testing the software is available. This will help users to decide to invest in this program. After this, users can pay for personal, professional, or technician license.

No Harm to MBOX Database Structure: The internal hierarchy of MBOX files is well maintained throughout the conversion process. You will get 100% successful results without any hassles.


Due to ever-increasing demand for Apple Mail, users are migrating from MBOX email clients to it. For performing the conversion, this post has offered various solutions. Manually, a single email can be exported at once hence not suitable for bulk conversion. For this, we suggest using automated tool. This software is programmed to quickly perform bulk conversion without any problems. For any confusion, simply contact our support team.