Convert Outlook PST to MBOX Free Solutions – How?

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Do you need to convert Outlook PST file to MBOX file format? Are you searching for a reliable solution for the conversion? If so, then you are fortunate indeed to search out this blog. Simply go through the blog and know the free solutions to convert Outlook to MBOX format.

User Query For Better Understanding

“I have an Outlook user that manage and organize my official emails. At the same time, I am using Mozilla Thunderbird application. Therefore to access Outlook emails in Thunderbird, I need to perform the conversion of Outlook file to Thunderbird MBOX file format. Is there a trusted and genuine technique that can be followed to export Outlook PST data file to MBOX format?”

“I am using Apple Mail email client but recently I got some PST file from my client. To open PST file into Apple Mail, it needs conversion of PST file emails into MBOX file format. I tried to do it manually but failed to get accurate results. Now, I am looking for a simple & smart solution to perform the conversion.”

Facing such issues? Let us know the solution to convert PST data to MBOX file format in this post.

Why Users Prefer MBOX Over Outlook PST?

Here are the most common reasons for converting PST file database into MBOX file format:

  • Switching from one operating system to another is one of the reasons for the conversion. In such situation, users need the conversion of PST emails into MBOX file format.
  • Another reason for the conversion is corruption of Outlook PST files.
  • Whenever users switch from PST file to Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, etc. it needs conversion of PST file into supported MBOX file format.
  • MBOX is a versatile file format supported in several email clients but PST file is accessible only in MS Outlook.

Manual Methods To Convert PST Data Files Into MBOX

To use this manual method, one needs to install Outlook on the system.

  • Install and Run Mac Outlook on your system.
  • Select File, choose Menu, Import option and select Outlook data file in new window. Then, click Next.
  • Choose Outlook for Windows data file in Choose a file type.
  • Now, upload PST file and check data folder in PST file.
  • Drag PST folder and drop it into desktop. By doing this, PST will be saved as MBOX file.
  • Once done, you can import the converted MBOX file to any supported email client like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.

Convert PST Data File To MBOX Using Thunderbird Application

To use this method, Thunderbird and MS Outlook installation is must. After both email clients installation, follow the given steps:

  • In Windows search box, type Default App Settings
  • In list of Default applications, check if Outlook is default application for email. If not, click the email that is default and choose Outlook from the list. Thus, Outlook becomes your default emailing app.
  • Open Thunderbird and click on Tools option from menu bar. In the list appears, choose Import.
  • Select Radio button ‘Mail’ and click Next.
  • Select Outlook radio button and click Next and then Finish. All your required data is imported into Thunderbird. Open Default Settings again. Make Thunderbird as your default email for the system.
  • Open Thunderbird again and you can locate folders having Outlook data. Go to Tools, ImportExportTools, Export Folder and choose location for the file.
  • Extract the ZIP file and this will provide you MBOX files. Transfer the files to Mac machine and use these by importing to any compatible email client.

Drawbacks/Challenges Come With Manual Solutions

No doubt the manual way is completely free but several challenges are there which users have to face with manual solutions.

  • A person without technical knowledge can’t understand the steps of manual solution.
  • It is very time-consuming and to efficiently convert the data, it takes long time.
  • By chance you miss a single step; your entire data is at risk with manual solutions.
  • You need Outlook and Thunderbird installation on your system for performing the conversion.

Convert Outlook PST Mailbox To MBOX Without Outlook Installation

No need to worry as there are trusted solutions available for the conversion where you don’t need installation of Microsoft Outlook. Rather than relying on manual methods, you should go for third-party software. Using DailySoft PST to MBOX Converter, one can quickly export PST emails with attachments into MBOX file format. This software comes with best features and highly recommended by experts. Apart from this, the software can easily export ANSI and Unicode PST files to any of the MBOX compatible email.

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Let Us Discuss The Method For Converting Outlook PST Files Items Into MBOX Format –

  1. First, Install and Run the software to convert Outlook emails into MBOX file format on your Windows system.
  2. Select Personal Storage File and click Next.
  3. Choose Folder or multiple PST files and then Browse PST files that you want to convert. Click Next.
  4. Choose Convert to MBOX Format. Click Next.
  5. Use the given Browse button and set a location for saving MBOX files.
  6. Click on the Convert Now button. This begins the conversion and within few minutes, you will get MBOX files.

Quality Features Offered By Outlook To MBOX Converter

  • The software simplifies the process of exporting PST mailbox items into MBOX file format.
  • It can bulk export PST data files into MBOX file format.
  • There are no restrictions on PST file size to export into MBOX file format.
  • The program supports PST files which are password-protected, ANSI and Unicode format.
  • You don’t need Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird installation in the system for the conversion process.
  • The software creates an automatic log file containing all conversion details.
  • The application preserves attachments and email components like subject, to, cc, bcc, etc.
  • Users can easily set any location for saving the converted MBOX files.
  • A free trial of the utility is available to test the software functions by conversion of first 25 items per folder.


Here in this post, we have discussed manual and automated ways of converting PST email items into MBOX file format. The manual methods have some shortcomings and very time taking too. Whereas automated tools are easy to operate and easily converts the data. This software is 100% secure and works efficiently. We have designed this software keeping in m